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vineri, 29 iulie 2011

Let's shop!

Unique Pretty Hats for Unique pretty girls - Just in August 2011 big SALE : 15 euro/piece

Pretty crochet hats for babys, made by Cotton and acrylic
Suitable for children under 1 years old
Price: 10 euro/piece - big SALE August 2011: 
8 euro/piece!!

 Handmade crochet application, multicolor, 44cm (aprox. 17 inch).
Price: 7 euro
 Pretty knitted handmade hat made from mohair and fur-yarn
Size: universal
Price: 14 euro
 Verry pretty handmade knitted somon color bolero with a flower application
Size: 38-40 (european)
Price:  36 euro
 A very pretty summer white crochet dress/blouse, size M
Price: 36 euro

Verry pretty  handmade summer top made by degradee acrylic and cotton
Suitable for size S/M (38 european)
Price: 29 euro

 Multicolor handmade crochete baby blanket, any size, any color
Dimensions: 67 x 70 cm
Price: 39 euro
 Handmade knitted baby pants, made in 2 color and with the picture of a lady bird
Size: 60 cm
Price: 24 euro
 Handmade vest, made by effect-yarn (eyelash)
Size: 38-42 (european); S/M
Price: 29 euro

 Crochet necklace with pearl apllication
Price: 6 euro

 Nice degradee hat for girls, made by acrylic yarn with floral application
Size S-M
Price: 9 euro

 A verry pretty handbag for girls, made by acrylic yarn in white, yellow, purple and green Size at opening : 23 cm
Size at interior at the bag: 16 cm
Price: 15 eur

 A verry pretty dress for girls, an unique combination of 2 colours, very nice to wear in spring-summer.
Size: suitable for girls of 2-3 years
Price: 24 Eur
 Ladybug hat for girls, suitable for 2-4 years girls
Made from Cotton 100%
Price: 15 euro

A bee-toy made from mohair and acrylic
Safety toy, Non detachable parts
Price: 12 euro

Postage Taxes are not included
Please send e-mail for reservations and final price
Thank you and enjoy shopping!

marți, 22 februarie 2011

Shopping handmade

Hallo everyone,

I'm glad to show you a few things of my handmade work; all of them are made with passion, love and imagination. I have some free time now and I love to knit, crochet and sew (specially goblen).
All products are handmade and unique, made by the finest and best yarn, in very nice colour.
You may order anything you like from here or I can create a similar product in your preferred color and model as soon as possible (1 to 3 working days).

Shipping taxes are not included. (minim 4 euro deliver taxes).  Email me at and I can give you all the details about the handmade product and I can tell you the final price.

Thank you very much for your visiting me and Enjoy your shopping here!