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vineri, 29 iulie 2011

Let's shop!

Unique Pretty Hats for Unique pretty girls - Just in August 2011 big SALE : 15 euro/piece

Pretty crochet hats for babys, made by Cotton and acrylic
Suitable for children under 1 years old
Price: 10 euro/piece - big SALE August 2011: 
8 euro/piece!!

 Handmade crochet application, multicolor, 44cm (aprox. 17 inch).
Price: 7 euro
 Pretty knitted handmade hat made from mohair and fur-yarn
Size: universal
Price: 14 euro
 Verry pretty handmade knitted somon color bolero with a flower application
Size: 38-40 (european)
Price:  36 euro
 A very pretty summer white crochet dress/blouse, size M
Price: 36 euro

Verry pretty  handmade summer top made by degradee acrylic and cotton
Suitable for size S/M (38 european)
Price: 29 euro

 Multicolor handmade crochete baby blanket, any size, any color
Dimensions: 67 x 70 cm
Price: 39 euro
 Handmade knitted baby pants, made in 2 color and with the picture of a lady bird
Size: 60 cm
Price: 24 euro
 Handmade vest, made by effect-yarn (eyelash)
Size: 38-42 (european); S/M
Price: 29 euro

 Crochet necklace with pearl apllication
Price: 6 euro

 Nice degradee hat for girls, made by acrylic yarn with floral application
Size S-M
Price: 9 euro

 A verry pretty handbag for girls, made by acrylic yarn in white, yellow, purple and green Size at opening : 23 cm
Size at interior at the bag: 16 cm
Price: 15 eur

 A verry pretty dress for girls, an unique combination of 2 colours, very nice to wear in spring-summer.
Size: suitable for girls of 2-3 years
Price: 24 Eur
 Ladybug hat for girls, suitable for 2-4 years girls
Made from Cotton 100%
Price: 15 euro

A bee-toy made from mohair and acrylic
Safety toy, Non detachable parts
Price: 12 euro

Postage Taxes are not included
Please send e-mail for reservations and final price
Thank you and enjoy shopping!

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